Attractive Places to Visit

The blow hole at Kudawalla

The blow hole at Kudawalla located at a fishing Village about 7 KM away From the resort. One out of in the World one out at 4 in South East Asia. It was Marvelous to Watch the Water Sprinkling high in the sky due to the Pressure of the tides.

The Mulgirirgala Temple

The Mulgirirgala Temple dating back to 4th Century BC built and renovated by Ancient Sinhala Kings. Known as little Sigiriya for it Rock Paintings.

Yala and Udawalawa

Yala and Udawalawa National Sanctuaries located in two different directions Yala about 65 KM and Udawalawa about 45 KM From the resort Wild Elephant, Peacock, leopard bears and while Buffalo and innocent deer’s are always In the Roam inside National Parks.

The turtle hatchery at Rekawa

The turtle hatchery at Rekawa Where the very kind of turtles comes out in the right and lay and hatched eggs.

The birds Sanctuary in Kalamatiya

The birds Sanctuary in Kalamatiya Where many kinds Of Migrating and Indigenous Birds Nestles.

Ussangoda beach

Ussangoda beach a Beautiful golden Sea Stretched along Parallel with sea is a place worth of visiting.


Wawurukannala, Weherahena, Tissamaharama and Katharagama are Few more places that Visitors can tour in Order to learn the rituals and the religious behaviors.